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Bearded collies - affix z Vilete Bohemia


Welcome to websides of affix

z Vilete Bohemia


We live in the Czech republic, near the town Tabor. We breed dogs a long time. My big dream a few years was the puppy of bearded collie. Our affix z Vilete Bohemia was made in 1996. In 1999 we bought our first female of bearded collie - black female Arinka Black Horka cokolada. Arinka had in 2002 first litter of puppies. From these litter we kept at home one blue female Ascher z Vilete Bohemia. She is at the shows very successful. She won at the show title BIS bitch. She has the instinct exam of herding, too. Our best homebred champion is blue female from F litter C. I. B. Fiorela z Vilete Bohemia, we kept last time black female from last litter Hailey z Vilete Bohemia, which would be continue in our breeding line. We had just 8 litters of bearded collie. Some beardies of affix z Vilete Bohemia go to the dog shows and some make agility an other sports. Favourite dog of our family is beardie because she is very beautiful and friendly dog.

We are members of:
Federation cynologique internationale
Českomoravská kynologická unie
Klub chovatelů Bearded collií